Art manifests itself in the most diverse ways. In addition to idea and form, visual and haptic impressions also play an essential role. And so, the texture of the surface can significantly influence the effect of the overall work of art.

We are happy that artist Constanze Budcke has chosen a special Mankiewicz coating for her project at the Academy of Fine Arts in Munich.

In her exhibition "Oblivion", she takes a contemporary, abstract look at the reactions of people deprived of their dignity and humanity.

Her art installation focuses on pedestals that serve as the base for her artworks. The NEXTEL lacquer system was chosen for the full visual impact of the 247 photo fragments placed on them, which creates an ideal harmony with the colorful pieces thanks to its matte and soft surface.

A remarkable detail: the artist applied paint with a compressed air gun for the first time on this project! And this is what it looks like when vision and the workability of the coating go hand in hand.

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