Colorful Career in the World of Coatings

Internships, final theses and degree programs with enhanced practical experience

Committed and technology-enthusiastic young talents are the basis for the sustainable success of our company development. Cooperating with several universities and technical colleges – e.g. the Esslingen University, the Niederrhein University of Applied Sciences, the Hamburg University of Technology or the Kiel University – is  therefore a given for us. Whether for one day or six months - there are various opportunities for a theoretical and/or practical insight into our numerous business areas: e.g. during company visits, as student help, via internship semesters,  final theses or degree programs with enhanced practical experience. We asked students how they experienced their studies and practical training at Mankiewicz:

Joanne P. is studying to become a Chemical Engineer / Color and Coatings at the Esslingen University of Applied Sciences in cooperation with Mankiewicz as practice partner. After her apprenticeship as Chemical Lab Technician, her next goal was to study. However, she didn't want to give up the employment experience and financial independence that a working life offers. "Therefore, I decided for a degree program with enhanced practical experience. During the semester breaks, the internship semester and Bachelor thesis, I work at Mankiewicz in Hamburg. For me, this means not only the change from student to working life, but also a local change from the South to the North of Germany.

At the Esslingen University of Applied Sciences, the first two semesters are spent teaching the basics of chemistry. In the main study period, things become colorful: In the lectures and laboratories, you learn everything about coatings – from adhesives and pigments, the production and testing of coatings, to application technology. What I particularly appreciate about the university is the practical and industry-oriented lectures but also the friendly and direct interaction with lecturers and fellow students. The student council always organizes great leisure activities, such as the city rally, ice skating or the student council party. This allows for an easy contact and exchange with students from higher semesters.

For me work at Mankiewicz provides a pleasant alternation from everyday life at university and, above all, a chance to acquire further professional qualifications. During this time, I get to know the different laboratories from the industry, automotive and aerospace department and enhance my practical experience. I met former students of the Esslingen University in almost every part of the company which facilitates a helpful exchange of ideas and sharing of experiences."

Marius B., Chemical Engineer and former student at the Esslingen University of Applied Sciences, started directly as an employee at Mankiewicz after his practically oriented Bachelor thesis. His training as a Chemical Lab Technician in southern Germany showed him the versatile opportunities in the chemical industry. "Therefore, I started studying Chemical Engineering with a focus on Color & Coatings in the beautiful city of Esslingen with its cozy half-timbered houses and the castle overlooking the city.

In the basic study period I learned the required fundamentals of chemistry, physics, mathematics and physical chemistry and of course much more. With the start of my main study period, the focus was on polymer and coating chemistry. For me that was the highlight of my studies because it is very practice-oriented and we worked a lot in the lab. In my 5th semester, I completed an internship semester at Mankiewicz in Hamburg. During this time, I learned the basic craft of coating formulation, optimization and testing with a focus on corrosion properties.

For my final thesis, which once again specifically focused on scientific work and the presentation and interpretation of measurement results, I went back to Hamburg from the south. Eventually after graduation I stayed in the north and started directly at Mankiewicz as a Chemical Engineer in Research & Development."

Frederik P., an aspiring Chemical Engineer and student at the Niederrhein University of Applied Sciences, got to know Mankiewicz as part of his final thesis. His enthusiasm for innovative coating products began during his apprenticeship as a Coating Lab Technician at a large coatings manufacturer. He then wanted to gain even deeper insights into the subject and decided to study.

"Since I wanted to continue working with coatings, the choice of possible courses of study was very limited. I decided for the Niederrhein University of Applied Sciences in Krefeld. There I began my studies to become a Chemical Engineer with a focus on Coatings Technology. During the course of studies various areas of chemistry including the corresponding internships are covered. After five semesters the Bachelor thesis is due. When preparing for it, I choose to look for a cooperating company to write the thesis with in order to have a practical reference and to establish new contacts," says Frederik.

"First, I prepared my application and picked out a few companies that matched my ideas. I still remember that I spontaneously sent the application to Mankiewicz in the evening and received an interview invite the very next morning. The virtual conversation was very friendly and open-minded, so I felt welcome and comfortable right away. At the start of my internship I received a short introduction and was subsequently handed over to my colleagues in the automotive lab. There my orientation continued and the topic of my Bachelor thesis was discussed in more detail with me. Independent work is strongly encouraged, but colleagues can be approached at any time and will provide assistance and support."