In our Career Paths series, employees from various departments report on their professional careers in our company.

Going abroad, experiencing new cultures and taking on responsibility - that always fascinated Nils. With those aspirations in mind and after finalizing his secondary school finals, he started studying Paint Engineering at the Niederrhein University of Applied Sciences in Krefeld. Every two years, Mankiewicz awards a prize to the best Bachelor's and Master's at this University. At one of the award ceremonies, Nils learned about the diverse prospects offered by the international coatings company.

"Without further ado, I applied at Mankiewicz for a Bachelor's thesis and received the chance to write it in Hamburg and at the Chinese location in Shanghai in equal parts. It was a great experience that helped me both professionally and in my intercultural understanding. It was apparent to me that I wanted to continue in this field and to further my education with a Master's degree. Mankiewicz supported me with a scholarship and an innovative topic, for which my thesis was even awarded a prize," says Nils happily. "Shortly later, a position for a new Lab Manager in China became vacant. Now I've been here for over four years and are leading a team of 25 colleagues with much pleasure and exciting tasks. What I particularly like about my job? I think it's the multifaceted nature of the market, the products and, of course, the people who have welcomed me here with open arms. Thanks to everyone who has supported me on my Mankiewicz journey so far."

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