Our colleague Anne has already been associated with Mankiewicz for over a decade: in 2009, she started her training as a paint laboratory technician with us and, after studying in the meantime, is now successfully working in the industrial laboratory.

"A good acquaintance told me about the training as a paint lab technician and about the Mankiewicz company. It all sounded very exciting, because chemistry has always interested me. So I applied for a three-day internship at Mankiewicz and was able to get to know the apprenticeship directly on site. That's how it all started and I moved from Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania to Hamburg, where I still feel very much at home today.

What I find great about the apprenticeship? In the end, you always have something tangible and something you've worked out yourself. I don't like doing only desk work, the job as a coatings lab technician is very practical: producing coatings, applying them to substrates, testing and evaluating them. It's not boring, either, because the customers' requirements are very different and you always have to think in new ways. This is especially true in the industrial sector, where I mainly worked during and after my training - the coatings used here have to withstand extreme demands, and innovative solutions are needed.

But even away from training, I feel right at home in the Mankiewicz family, because a lot of emphasis is placed on personal development. My goal was to further deepen my knowledge and broaden my coatings horizons after my apprenticeship, so I decided to study for a master's degree in industrial chemistry. Mankiewicz not only supported me financially through a company scholarship, but also offered me the opportunity to work in the lab on and off during semester breaks. This gave me a great perspective and also security. Overall, I'm very happy to have arrived at Mankiewicz, especially since I now also work on many strategic topics and it never gets boring."

In our Career Paths series, employees from various departments report on their professional careers in our company.