Due to an increased incidence of covid infections, a renewed lockdown has been declared in some regions of China - including the million-strong province of Shanghai. A lockdown that instructs some 25 million people to stay home. China's zero-covid policy is pushing affected people to their limits.
Leaving one's home is only possible under the strictest conditions, and life as a whole is reduced to a minimum. Supermarkets are largely closed, delivery services massively overloaded. This also poses enormous challenges for our employees from the Jinshan factory in Shanghai. Decisive action was required to cover at least the basic food requirements for the employees living in Jinshan.

The reaction was swift: A cooperation with a local farmer was established and thus urgently needed food was procured. With a special certificate, a permit to drive in Jinshan could be obtained. Thus, quite a few vegetable packages were delivered to the plant in Jinshan, Shanghai. A cooperation partner drove through the city to the individual colleagues to supply them with the important food packages.

The joy on the part of the employees was enormous. Some colleagues even describe it as the biggest gift they have ever received from Mankiewicz. We will of course continue and hope that the situation in Jinshan will improve soon.

At moments like these, we just want to say thank you. Thank you for the breathtaking cohesion in the entire Mankiewicz family of companies. A great action, which has helped the colleagues in need enormously with courageous and quick action!