After a two-year forced break, we were able to celebrate together again with the Mankiewicz family at our Wilhelmsburg location in June 2022.

The longing feeling and the expectation of a roaring party on our own yard were great, because great worlds of experience such as Christmas markets or circus shows were guests on our premises. This time, the parking area around our production and application technology was transformed into an amusement park including a Ferris wheel and a games mile. Many colorful ideas were brought together for the internal Orga team, whose members came from the production, construction project development, service and marketing departments. The big goal of everyone involved: to create a day that says THANK YOU for the past two years and efforts for a great joint mastering of the Corona crisis.

Reason enough to open our company gates to employees and their families on a Saturday and offer a colorful, wide-ranging program. From fun and games to food and drink to a band and DJ. Varied entertainment went hand in hand with entertaining infotainment, providing colorful and vivid insights into how coatings are created and where they are used. And our working motto SIMPLY.BETTER.TOGETHER., which was formed as a slogan during the Corona time, also proved to be very successful during the celebration: After more than 6 hours of celebration and party, a full event came to an end in the best midsummer afterglow.