Mankiewicz employees take on the athletic competition

Under the motto "Achieving a goal together", the MOPO relay race took place for the 13th time in Hamburg's city park. As always, the event focused on the team rather than the individual runner. On the two days of the event, a total of 10,000 runners mastered the course in a great atmosphere. The rules of the relay race are simple: each team consists of five runners. Each team member must run five kilometers through the park and then hand over the baton. Only the performance of the entire team is measured at the end.

"That was really great. And really everyone could participate; young or old, beginner or running enthusiast."

Dressed uniformly in blue, 50 runners in ten teams took to the starting line for Mankiewicz. During the run, the participants were loudly cheered on by their colleagues. Thanks to this motivation and the training in recent weeks, all teams made it to the finish line.

 Even before the start, the Mankiewicz runners could prepare for the race in the rented team tent and have a last snack. Also after the race the tent was the contact point for all runners and supporters. The grand finale of the day turned into a big picnic party. Gripped by ambition, some participants were already looking ahead to next year's race while enjoying cool drinks.

"It was really a lot of fun. Not only the race, but also the time spent together with colleagues. We'll have to do it again next year."

Colleagues who had taken part in the run were still enthusiastic about the atmosphere days later, praising not only the great organization on site but also the promotion of a sense of community.