Sustainability through photovoltaics

Solar energy now covers the energy requirements at the Mankiewicz Iberica site

We have been ensuring for decades with our coating innovations that our customers' products are sustainable, their processes are lean and energy is saved. In a nutshell, we help our customers maximize their sustainability. Our internal processes also focus strongly on the topics of sustainability. An example? Solar energy in Spain.

Spain is Europe's sunshine country par excellence. With around 3,000 hours of sunshine a year, the country on the Iberian peninsula records about twice as many hours of sunshine as Germany. Since 2005, we have had a location there that supplies the automotive industry, but also aviation and general industry with segments such as rail and wind power. The team and the premises have grown over the years, and so have the energy requirements.

The solution was practically obvious: from now on, the additional demand for electricity was to be generated in a climate-neutral way. And so our Spanish team decided to install a photovoltaic system on the company's own roof, which from now on converts sunlight into energy and thus secures the power supply for the entire site. The panel area of around 45 square meters not only covers the company's own electricity requirements, but also produces a considerable surplus of energy, which is stored or even fed back into the grid.

"We didn't just want to expand our electricity needs, but in the same process we also wanted to make our contribution to greater sustainability", says our Managing Director, Mankiewicz Iberica.

We are pleased to take another step towards sustainable and careful use of resources with this project. The following clip shows what it looks like in detail.

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