Turn old into new

Trainees restore historic construction trailer

Thanks to the energetic efforts of several Mankiewicz trainees, the NaturErlebnisGarten, our neighbor in Wilhelmsburg's Inselpark, has one more attraction. A historic construction trailer was lovingly restored by hand. The goal was to create a place of sustainability that can be used by the NaturErlebnisGarten as a workshop, bad-weather classroom or group room. In addition, this showcase project once again demonstrated the excellent educational level of our young people. 

The NaturErlebnisGarten is a popular and useful place for children, young people and adults to gain insights into nature. On more than 5,000 square meters, the garden offers space and the opportunity to exchange ideas about nature and environmental protection. Young people in particular can learn how nature works by getting hands-on in various green classrooms. No visit is the same, because the rooms" are always changing according to season and temperature. Special educational events are available for daycare centers and schools so children can experience nature through play."

The construction trailer selected for this project came from the traditional Hamburg company Fritz Hack Straßen-, Tief- und Rohrleitungsbau." Similar to Mankiewicz, the company can look back on a long and eventful history in Hamburg. For the Hack family, the construction trailer has a special meaning. During World War II, the family had to live in construction trailers for a time because they lost all their belongings in a bombing raid in July 1943.

Under the project responsibility of a trainee from the application technology department, the construction trailer was refurbished by a total of nine trainees from different areas of the company. During the work, the colleagues were only briefly guided by professionals. After the wagon was first completely sanded down, the actual painting followed. The original lettering of the Fritz Hack company was also repainted on the traditional car using a product from Mankiewicz.

In the meantime, a few months have passed and we asked Bernhard Vogt, the head of the NaturErlebnisgarten project, how the construction wagon has fared in the past months. Click here for the interview.

Would you like to see the results for yourself? The NaturErlebnisGarten is always happy to welcome visitors. You can get more information here: https://www.bund-hamburg.de/themen/umweltbildung/naturerlebnisgarten-im-inselpark/