Don't just talk about it all the time, just get stuck in. That is the basic idea behind "Wi mook dat! For one day, employees swap their desks and workbenches for shovels and wheelbarrows and get involved in a good cause.

The social day took place for the sixth time, this year on September 12. And we were there again. In contrast to the other companies, the Mankiewicz team traditionally consists exclusively of trainees, accompanied by two colleagues from the HR department. A total of twelve junior staff members spent a day working on a project. This year, the focus of the "Wi mook dat!" action day was on species conservation. As it is a matter of the heart for Mankiewicz to stand up for sustainability (especially in the neighborhood), our trainees therefore went to a meadow orchard in Wilhelmsburg. By participating in campaigns such as "Wi mook dat!", our young colleagues are given the opportunity during their training to organize themselves independently and also to get involved together in social and environmental projects "thinking outside the box".

The orchard meadow at Jakobsberg is run by the Altenwerder Foundation of the BUND. The foundation buys and takes over near-natural areas in order to promote biodiversity there. In particular, habitats for animals and plants that were destroyed by the construction of the container terminal in Altenwerder are to be improved or replaced elsewhere.

To preserve this biodiversity in the future, our trainees helped plant new fruit trees and prepare planting holes for later fall varieties. Our young colleagues also reached for the loppers: Some trees received a maintenance pruning, and other woody plants were cut back at the edge of the orchard. At the same time, arable land belonging to the site was prepared to create new habitat for endangered animals and for those that may not be noticed at first glance.

The colleagues involved were very pleased with the result - and the day. Marius Pulss, a first-year industrial engineering apprentice, particularly emphasized the sense of community: "It was a really cool day. We really got a lot done. And working in a team was really fun." Justin Witt has just started his training as a chemical production specialist. He added: "It was nice to do something together with other trainees outside the company - and then also for a good cause. In some cases we were able to organize ourselves and distribute work. That was great. It was also nice to get in touch with other participating companies at the end of the day."

"Wi mook dat!" - a great initiative - we at Mankiewicz are already looking forward to next year's action day!