April is doing what it wants! Caroline is currently completing her internship semester at Mankiewicz for her degree in Chemical Engineering Paint & Coatings and looks back on the Wilhelmsburg Island Run 2022, which she successfully mastered together with other Mankiewicz colleagues: "The constant change between wind, rain, sun and clouds meant that there was never a dull moment during the run. Despite or perhaps because of the weather, everyone was happy to have reached the finish line - in some cases with new personal bests. The icing on the cake of the good mood were the participant medals, which were handed out to all runners regardless of their running distance. It was very nice to participate in the run also as an intern in the Mankiewicz team. The best part of the course was definitely turning into the home stretch, any twinges in the legs and all the effort were forgotten and you practically flew to the finish line. After the race, everyone congratulated each other, regardless of distance or time, and enjoyed the sun that did stop by."

No matter if the distance was 5km, 10km or the half marathon - the runners also got to know new corners of Wilhelmsburg.

Congratulations to all who reached their personal goal during the run!