Even though Wilhelmsburg, with its location south of the Elbe, is already counted as Italy by some citizens of Hamburg, many Mankiewicz colleagues cover their daily work route by bike. This not only gives them a completely new view of the Hanseatic city, but also puts them in a good mood.

Short distance or long-distance rider

Some people cycle the entire distance from home to the paint factory, others use the red city bikes for the short trip from the S-Bahn station through the Inselpark. But regardless of the length of the trip, colleagues who ride their bikes often arrive at the office in a better mood than the car commuters who are plagued by traffic jams.

Sprint to the S-Bahn

Since 2015, there has been a city bike station directly in front of the company premises and the bikes are much sought-after at the end of the working day to quickly reach the connection to the S-Bahn (rumor has it that the route record is less than 4 minutes). Registering for the public bikes is easy at stadtrad.hamburg.de, and the first 30 minutes of each ride are free.

Lease your dream bike

Mankiewicz employees have the opportunity to lease e-bikes (but of course also normal bikes) through their employer. Each job bike can also be used privately without restriction - an excellent opportunity to purchase the bike of your dreams at a reduced price. For more information, visit www.jobrad.org.

New paths

The importance attached to two-wheeled mobility at Mankiewicz is also demonstrated by Managing Director Michael Grau's commitment to the Wilhelmsburg "Loop" (Low German for "run", "move"). Between the old Elbe Tunnel and Harburg, the multi-purpose trail leads past the unique flair of the Port of Hamburg and the typical industrial charm of the Elbe island. The broadly designed route offers enough space for cyclists, but also runners, walkers and skaters, and has already been awarded the German Bicycle Prize in the category "Everyday Mobility".