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THE global leader of DTM coatings for over 25 years

Construction machinery vehicles are in continuous use under the most challenging conditions. Durability and sturdiness are top priorities for this industry. In addition, process reliability and user-friendliness are essential factors in the coating process. Mankiewicz Coatings, LLC offers you strong support for the US market. Being part of the global Mankiewicz group, they can support you globally for your projects.




Our mission: Bringing you measurable advantages

There are many ways to get better. Together with you, we will find an individual way to optimize your painting process.

Perhaps by changing to a faster curing system, eliminating a layer or a primer, or using a top coat wet-on-wet application. We have an array of products that can speed up your process without sacrificing performance.

Becoming more sustainable is another good approach. Especially when you need to lower your VOC and HAPs levels. Mankiewicz has low VOC and low to no HAPs coating systems readily available.

Focusing on paint-related costs, Mankiewicz's high-solid systems, oven-off solutions, and thin film paint technologies can impact your ongoing paint and operation costs.

Quality, based in Charleston, SC

Innovation is our tradition. For more than 125 years, Mankiewicz Coatings has been developing and manufacturing coating systems for the Automotive, Aviation, and Industrial markets. Our US headquarters and manufacturing plant is since 25 years located in South Carolina. The new premises in Charleston opened in 2016 and offer a wide range of services like a logistic center, a technical center for product testing and customer training, and state-of-the-art laboratories.

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