Together with our partners and suppliers, we produce first-class coating goods. We are significantly involved in the global market so that high quality  become standard everywhere.

With a product portfolio as extensive as ours, we have built long-standing and sustainable relationships to allow us to work closely with our suppliers and optimize processes.

Our values

Quality and success go hand in hand in our business.When this concept is applied to our Purchasing strategy, internalized quality management, contractual and delivery reliability, and a high degree of innovation are in the demands we place on our suppliers.

"In times of global economy, the concept of sustainability must be given special importance."

Matter of fact

In times of a global economy, special importance must be attached to the concept of sustainability. Accordingly, we must not only meet our own standards within the framework of social, ecological and economic responsibility, but we also expect the same from our suppliers.

In addition to compliance with fundamental values such as human rights and ecological sustainability, we place the utmost priority on occupational and process safety due to the activities in the industrial chemical sector.


General terms and conditions of purchasing and logistics guidelines can be found on the respective site pages for the different locations. 

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