As a current standard within the aviation industry, different topcoats are used for the upper and lower center wing box because of chemical resistance and flexibility requirements. This consequently leads to extended process times, inefficient procurement and storage of products and often doesn't meet the requirements of airlines for longevity and appearance.

Driven by constant innovation, we are able to offer a coating solution, that covers all relevant aspects within a single product.

Meeting All Requirements

For the upper wing box, a highest degree of flexibility is necessary to compensate for extensive movements of the wings. Since passengers see the wings throughout the flight, a flawless finish adds significantly to their perception of the brand -neat and clean surfaces inspire trust.

On the lower wing box, high resistance to chemicals is paramount.

For both areas, a process as efficient and sustainable as possible is desirable, to get the aircraft back into service quickly and avoid unplanned maintenance for wings.

Upper Wing

Highest Flexibility

Lower Wing

Best Resistance


Economic Efficiency

ALEXIT® WingFlex

Highly flexible and chemical resistant
→ One single product for the entire wing

Leave A Lasting Impression While Saving Time

Easily make the surface of your wings look just as great and last just as long as the rest of your aircraft.

Your Benefits with ALEXIT® WingFlex

  • One dedicated product for the entire wing with no intermediate masking and drying
  • Time and cost efficient
  • Polishable, easy to repair and touch-up
  • High and equal gloss level on fuse and wings
  • Gloss stability and high UV as well as stain resistance

Let's disrupt Wing Coatings Together

ALEXIT® WingFlex sounds like the coating solution you are looking for? 
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