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Aviation Exterior


More than most other surfaces, the aircraft’s outer skin is subjected to extreme stress: high UV exposure, extreme temperature variations, aggressive cleaning agents and kerosene.

Concentration of these stress factors frequently leads to the premature ageing of exterior coatings resulting in loss of gloss, colour changes or even dangerous loss of adhesion.

Following extensive practical tests by well-known airlines and the simultaneous OEM qualification the excellent high-gloss paint systems developed by us are ready for use in series production and have been qualified successfully.

Our revolutionary BaseCoat/ClearCoat system is a particular highlight: here, gloss retention and color stability are taken to technological extremes, at the same time allowing for quicker, more efficient application processes.

The exterior paint product range, which was specifically developed for the requirements of the aviation industry, offers the following decisive advantages:

  • Wet-look effect: extremely high-gloss surfaces (Æ 92 to 96, measured at a 60° angle)
  • Highest long-term gloss and colour stabilities, also in case of strong UV exposure
  • High efficiency owing to low throughput times and prolonged maintenance intervals
  • Lower kerosene consumption owing to weight reduction and improved aerodynamics
  • Approvals by Airbus, Bombardier, DeHavilland, British Aerospace and AMS 3095 for refurbishment of most aircraft types

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