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Aviation Interior

Coating systems for the cabin interior have to comply with the strictest safety-related specifications regarding flammability, smoke and toxicity to give the passengers the chance to leave a burning aircraft in case of emergency.

Next to the safety aspects, the aircraft’s visual impression is important. Surfaces coated with ALEXIT®-FST coatings are highly resistant to mechanical and chemical influences and easy to clean. Clean and neat surfaces enhance the passengers´ sense of security. Design effects specifically matched to the requirements of business and first class passengers create unique features which help boost the airline’s image, thus leading to a turnover increase.

For over forty years the Mankiewicz interior paint systems have been qualified by all leading aircraft manufacturers and suppliers (e.g. for seats, galleys and lavatories). The strict focus on highest quality and long-term reliability during series production made us the market leader in this segment.

Summing up, our cabin interior paints offer you the following decisive advantages:

  • Reliable compliance with internal fire protection regulations (FST acc. to ABD 0031 and FAR)
  • Approvals of all leading aviation manufacturers, Tier 1, suppliers and airlines worldwide
  • Water-dilutable and solvent-based products available
  • Special design effects for BFE (= Buyer Furnish Equipment) products comply with highest requirements on individuality, distinguishing features and uniqueness.
  • Excellent mechanical and chemical resistances and adhesion on all substrates commonly used in the aviation sector

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