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Every year millions of cars and vehicles are produced for on- and off-road operations.
For every vehicle, in every country, the challenge is always the same: to transmit power from engine to the wheel in the most efficient, economical and reliable way possible.

This challenge is faced by various suppliers of Powertrain solutions worldwide, who are manufacturing components such as driveshafts, suspensions, shock absorbers, brakes, gears and engines for the Automotive and Off-Highway Vehicle application.

Mankiewicz pays an important contribution to mastering this challenge by providing innovative and high-quality coating systems to the Powertrain industry globally with following main properties:

  • Fulfil all common OEM specification requirements
  • Waterborne and solvent-based (high solid), VOC-compliant
  • Rapid curing for optimised production processing
  • Fast packaging and transportation after application and curing possible
  • Suitable for various application methods (conventional spraying, high-rotation. etc.)
  • Extensive technical know-how and on-site support

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