Colors of the Year 2023

This year there is a noticeable “feel good” flavor in the Mankiewicz Colors of the Year. With shades titled “Fée Dragée”, “Oyster Mushroom” and “Under Leaves”, the choice fell on colors that are strong in character and yet are gentle and quiet with an openness for design and creativity. It is not about loud color accents and making bold statements, rather about being capable, with a certain flexibility, of telling stories and bestowing an individuality to spaces and surfaces.


La Fée-Dragée is French for the Sugar Plum Fairy in the Nutcracker by Tchaikovsky. The color shade is similar to the fairy’s pink ballet tutu and also reminiscent of the color of strawberry milk. The color acts mild, soft and in certain contexts is rather escapist. We associate it with flower petals, soap bubbles, the sky at dawn and pink seashells. In surface design, this color effects a sleek contrast or offset for any surface, interior or product. Not being overly sweet, context and design language can also bring out its serious side, so that it also functions as a ritzy, fresh team player.

Oyster Mushroom

Mushrooms remind us of the earthiness of the forest, at the same time they are a mysterious form of life that follows its own rules. Types of fungus are closely linked with trees. Recently, fungi have drawn scientific attention as a potential resource of the future, as their mycelium can grow a material that has a completely circular form. Our color “Oyster Mushroom” is a neutral, slightly grayish shade of brown that is found in the shells of snails, tree bark, animal furs and mushrooms. Undyed wool and rough textiles were the inspiration. With their slightly irregular hue and surface, created by the multicolor effect, they exude softness and closeness to nature, yet retain a subtle elegance. As a neutral color it is suited in many contexts.

Under Leaves

To appreciate nature with its sensational complexity, yet raw, chaotic perfection – is this really a trend or a “back to the roots” movement? Green is a hue immediately associated with nature, growth and health. Equally “Under Leaves” immerses us in a colorful oasis of escape: When surrounded by plant life and with only diffused light falling through the foliage, the light can appear slightly bluish. In addition to a feeling of depth and tranquility, it also inspires enchantment – whether we are above or below water. Green is a shade that currently appears with many nuances in all product contexts. From mild, grayish sage to deep petrol tones. It is a color that needs to be combined wisely, but then it shows its strength of character.

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