Highest UV resistance and gloss stability

The exterior of an aircraft is not only exposed to the special attention of all passengers, but also to extreme conditions in service: UV radiation, temperature fluctuations, pressure differences, aerodynamic forces, aggressive cleaners and fuel. The high-quality exterior coating systems from Mankiewicz protect the aircraft from external influences - and ensure extremely long-lasting gloss and color stability.

Exterior coating systems with decisive advantages:

  • Wet-look effect: Extremely glossy surfaces with strong DOI
  • Highest gloss and color stability over years, even with the strongest UV exposure
  • Particularly cost-effective thanks to short throughput times and extended maintenance intervals
  • Reduction of fuel consumption through weight savings and improved aerodynamics
  • Approved for most aircraft types

Glossy results

The appearance of an aircraft (and thus of the airline) is closely linked to the coating of the exterior - the higher the gloss, the higher the quality and safer the impression for the passenger.

The ALEXIT BaseCoat/ClearCoat system achieves top values in terms of gloss and also impresses with above-average long-lasting color intensity and gloss stability.

Certified quality

The coating systems developed by Mankiewicz have reached production readiness after extensive practical trials with well-known airlines and parallel OEM qualification and have been successfully certified. Our products gained major OEM approvals and is as well qualified for maintenance acc. to AMS3095.

Up in the air again very quickly

You also benefit from the advantages of Mankiewicz products when it comes to maintenance and repair. The durability of the coating systems reduces refurbishment efforts. When a paint job is needed, the technical properties of our paints enable time- and cost-efficient implementation. Short drying times, reduced process steps and highest hiding power enable optimal coating processes.

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