Long-term protection for structural parts

The requirements for coatings for structural parts are clear: they must offer maximum corrosion protection over an extremely long period of time. After all, once an aircraft has been built, a large proportion of the structural components are no longer accessible or are only accessible with great difficulty. Mankiewicz products meet these requirements and have been proven in the market. They offer the highest protection against corrosion and chemical stress for more than 30 years - the entire life cycle of an aircraft.


The long service life of our products and continuous further development in our laboratories ensure the highest possible sustainability. The portfolio is water-based.

Long-term proven

Over 125 years of experience from various fields flows into all our products, which are extensively tested and meet the specifications of all leading OEMs.


The precisely matched and high-yield coating systems, which can be coated wet-on-wet, for example, save not only process time but also material and energy costs.

Consistent quality

Structural parts coatings from Mankiewicz contain the lowest levels of chromates and VOCs. Likewise, the paint provides lasting reliable corrosion protection. In addition to our water-based systems, which have been successfully used for decades, our product portfolio also includes innovative chromate-free products.

Durability is an important factor when it comes to safety. Mankiewicz structural parts coatings retain their resistance and protective function even after regular contact with fuel and other chemicals.

Short process

The possibility of wet-in-wet application in combination with short drying times brings significant process advantages. In addition, Mankiewicz products have a very low VOC content. Our innovations in the area of chromate-reduced and chromate-free products for metal substrates also ensure more safety during application.

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