Colors of the Year 2024

Embrace, Undated & Fog

Which colors fit in these uncertain times? When it ‘s hard to neatly sort out the ongoing developments while the world keeps turning, producing new events and news at a high rate. 

With the Mankiewicz Colors of the year 2024, the choice has fallen on three long-lasting shades that stand out not only for their color but also for their subtle surface nuances. 

Embrace in Orange“ and „Undated“ are two different warm characters. One captivates with its joie de vivre and esprit, the other with its calmness and a friendly imperfection. Our third shade “Fog“ has a very subtle pearl effect that creates a slightly futuristic aspect which suits a changing time. All three are meant to stand as inspiration for timeless design. For the desire to create surfaces that will give pleasure for a long time. Dive deeper into the world of the Mankiewicz Colors of the Year 2024 with our coated color cards


In times of exhaustion and uncertainty, the color orange comes just at the right time. 
Orange brightens the mood, stands for sociability and togetherness, creativity and joie de vivre. The color, which jumps around between red and yellow, reminds us of orange soda and the 70’s groove. The color has a youthfulness and lightness as well as a fine aroma. 

Orange can be found in design classics in simple, sometimes almost clumsy shapes or as a fearless accent in patterns and color combinations. 

Hardly any other color has this clear retro connection, but through its past, orange underpins its positive, familiar charm. Perhaps orange it is a little crazy, with its freckled and adventurous appeal, but those reasons could be exactly why it´s a shade that feels so good right now.


Mineral Earth tone like clay, mud and stone are currently highly appreciated in the design of many surfaces and products. The stony lifelessness gives the surfaces a calm and stable aura, calmly facing short-lived ephemeral trends.

This stable quality is probably what makes these archaic materials so appealing. In a world that never ceases to be in a state of flux, here is something that cannot be ruffled.

Imperfect surfaces, moreover, have their own open and tolerant charm. Color deviations and irregular structures are not material defects, instead, the natural irregularity is an indispensable feature of these surfaces. Like burnt clay, terrazzo and even modern recycled materials, “Undated“ too plays with this irregularity and uses it as a characterdefining feature.


Fog is a soft filter that makes the sharp outlines of the surroundings hazy, by providing them with a muted transparent veil. Fog acts silently, sometimes ghostly and transforms the world into another: Into a less edgy, unagitated, quieter one. 

Neutral shades exude calm and permanence. They do not make a show, nor do they grasp for attention. This is a soothing color array that creates a wonderful design space. After all, neutral colors do not have a loud character, but a durable one, which can be flexibly combined with other elements.

“Fog“ is a light porcelain shade, with a very fine Pearl effect. This takes away the chalky character and makes it look elegant and a touch futuristic.

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