Safe and comfortable

When it comes to interior customization, one can rely on Mankiewicz coatings. We have been a leader in this field for over forty years. A long time in which experience values and product portfolio have been able to grow - and are always being further developed to make our coating systems even safer and more efficient for passengers.


with all major OEMs and other market players


All relevant safety regulations and specifications are outperformed


Convincing look & feel due to high-quality coating surfaces

Trend setting

Unique design concepts and the highest variety of effects matching the brand image

Customized solutions

Special touch or design - the coatings from Mankiewicz offer you a wide range of design options. High-quality and exclusive surfaces are created that enable individual cabin interiors. Premium or low-cost carrier, composite or honeycomb, primer or clearcoat - there is a suitable solution for every need.

Mankiewicz offers an extensive portfolio ranging from standard products to special design effects. We develop these specially and enable our customers to implement unique design concepts to match their own brand orientation. For a holistic effect - and a precisely adapted corporate design.

High-quality appearance, safe environment - our FST interior coatings outperform all relevant safety regulations and specifications. Fire, smoke, toxicity and heat release are kept to a minimum to ensure that passengers can safely exit the aircraft even in case of fire.

Our high-quality paint finishes give materials a welcoming look and feel - and your passengers first-class comfort and the feeling of a home above the clouds. Mankiewicz interior coating systems impress with their excellent mechanical and chemical resistance as well as their tested adhesive strength - on all common substrates and composites.

Back in the air quickly

Short drying times, simple application and repairs as well as customized and repair methods that can be utilized directly in the cabin allows fast return into service. In addition, the surfaces are easy to clean, which means less work and shorter downtimes.

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