Innovative and individual

Our highly qualified team of developers works on new systems that are formulated into "tailor-made coating suits" for you. Decades of development experience combined with the latest raw material knowledge and close cooperation with our certified suppliers from the special chemistry sector form the basis for innovative and market-ready products.

The intensive exchange of information with our partners in industry and universities, as well as between the worldwide laboratories and technicians who develop high-tech coatings on different substrates, results in interesting synergies: for example, experience with highly developed, UV-stable aviation coatings can also be valuable for the automotive or railway sectors. The result is technical coating solutions that give you quality and cost advantages in your coating processes.


for products with added value


for individual requirements

Knowledge transfer

for international know-how


for fast reaction times

Perfect fit

Each of our laboratories has a specific focus and corresponding know-how. Having our experts focus on specific areas results in solutions that precisely fit the specific requirements of the respective application area or customer.

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