Attractively comfortable

The surfaces in the interior of large-capacity vehicles have to withstand everyday wear and tear, meet safety standards, and also meet the passengers' need for comfort and well-being. Through the coating system, the visual and haptic enhancement of the interior influences the subjective perception of the passengers.

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A high-quality interior gives passengers a feeling of safety and well-being


Highest durability despite frequent passenger contact and cleaning


Compliance with many national and international standards such as NFPA 130, EN 45545

ALEXIT® interior coatings offer you decisive advantages

  • high mechanical and chemical strength values
  • both solventborne and waterborne formulations
  • simple, rational application even with complicated component geometries
  • good reparability
  • visual and haptic enhancement of surfaces through various color shades, gloss levels, structures and effects
  • individual solutions for special requirements in close coordination with laboratory and design department

Knowledge transfer

In addition to coating solutions for rail interiors, we also offer solutions for car interiors, aircraft interiors and yacht interiors. The systematic exchange of know-how between the specialist areas leads to continuous improvement and top quality.

Easy cleaning, fast repair

As with the exterior coating, rail operators also have to contend with soiling in the interior. Specially developed anti-graffiti paint systems can be easily cleaned with conventional agents. Even with more aggressive cleaners, they exhibit good resistance, which avoids frequent repairs and thus additional costs. At the same time, they prevent underlying surfaces from being attacked. However, if a surface repair should become necessary, this can be done quickly and easily.

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