Focus on customer processes

The optimal coating system considers individual processes, market-specific requirements, local conditions and necessary qualifications. The holistic consideration of all factors leads to tailor-made and efficient solutions. Whether higher efficiency, less layers, reduced rework or more robust surfaces - together we will find the optimal coating system for your targets.

Our solutions for your objectives

Our coating systems are specially adapted to the individual requirements of the respective application area and offer the right properties for every project.  Large processing windows ensure painting results which can be replicated. A large number of our products are available as both solvent-based and water-based variants to increase the sustainability of your processes and efficiency of your processes.

Michael O. Grau
The optimal coating result depends on many factors - together we will find your solution.

Efficient processes

High performance products

Complete service

Sustainable implementation

Broad expertise, many years of experience

Excellent knowledge of raw material properties and their use in solving complicated tasks - this enables our experts to meet customer-specific requirements on a daily basis. Product and process innovation are the focus of our work - both for solvent-based and water-based systems.

Our broad range of industries and the use of a wide variety of technologies create synergies that are used to find the optimal solution for you. For over 125 years, our company has found innovative answers to the requirements of our customers.

Industry-specific solutions