Proven and tested

Our coating systems are regularly and comprehensively tested. Newly developed products are tested at an early stage to ensure that they meet the required properties. Our established solutions are also regularly tested to ensure our consistently high quality and first-class performance.


Accreditations and certified processes according to OEM and third-party specifications


Support in creating or revising individual specifications

Added value

Advanced testing methods for highest product performance and quality assurance


with external testing laboratories worldwide for constant exchange of knowledge


Specifications of a wide variety of industries and markets are part of our core competences. For our customers, we are therefore a valuable partner in the development and certification of individual coating solutions. In our in-house testing center, we have all the relevant devices and state-of-the-art equipment to ensure that tests are conducted quickly, efficiently and accurately.

For special requirements on the functionality of our coating systems, individual tests help us to optimize their performance. This enables us to optimize the product according to its intended use during the development process of new coating solutions. This selective testing increases the efficiency of the entire process and helps coatings be ready for series production more quickly.

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