Power transmission

Drive shafts, axles, shock absorbers, brakes, transmissions and motors - the individual parts work together to transfer the power of the engine to the wheels as efficiently, economically and reliably as possible. A high-quality coating helps to minimize energy loss and protect the individual parts.


Our products meet the specifications of leading OEM


Water-based and VOC-compliant solventborne systems available


Large processing windows ensure coating results that can be replicated

Process optimization

Rapid drying enables fast packaging and transport

Meeting every requirement

Powertrain components are designed for performance and must withstand permanent challenges in everyday use. Our coating solutions help to minimize potential outcomes such as corrosion and functional limitations.

  • thermal influences such as heat, cold, frost and moisture
  • mechanical influences such as stone chipping
  • chemical influences such as operating fluids and road salt

Perfect fit

We offer special coating solutions for the powertrains of cars as well as industrial commercial vehicles. For both areas, our product portfolio includes a wide range of solutions.

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