Clean solution

In the medical technology sector, aesthetics and functionality play a particular role. The surfaces must have the highest resistance to chemicals, disinfectants and mechanical loads. Our coatings are designed for frequent cleaning to guarantee a hygienic environment. For all metallic substrates, our coating systems also offer maximum protection against corrosion.


Our products fulfill the specifications of leading manufacturers


The coating systems are available in a wide range of shades and textures


The coatings are robust against chemical and mechanical abrasion

The coating systems specially developed for medical technology offer you decisive advantages

  • complete product range for the overall coating structure
  • highest chemical resistance
  • compliance with VOC requirements (extensive water-dilutable product range)
  • avoidance of interference between devices through EMC coating systems
  • biocompatibility to minimize irritation to human skin

CELEROL® EMC – Electromagnetic compatibility

  • metallic barrier for shielding unwanted electromagnetic fields and interference
  • compliance with technical standards of medical technology
  • accepted according to UL specifications
  • stability on vertical surfaces
  • excellent adhesion on standard plastics
  • also available in waterborne version

Easy repair

Surfaces in the medical context are subject to heavy daily abrasion. At the same time, they must be as flawless as possible. Our products allow simple and time-saving repairs to keep downtime to a minimum.

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