UV inks for industrial digital printing

CYCONJET® is an industrial UV ink system developed by Mankiewicz for a wide range of applications in the industrial sector. Beyond standard applications in the graphic context, CYCONJET offers harmonized systems for industrial inkjet applications. We offer complete digital solutions which are tailormade to your product, production process and quality requirements.

Cross-section through the system


Excellent finish with amazing long-lasting durability


Coordinated product range consisting of primer, ink and topcoat all from a single source


Extensive network of printhead manufacturers, machine constructors and integrators


Customized solutions to the highest industrial specifications

Excellent service

Our modern inkjet technical center and our experienced printing technicians are an absolute specialty in the market. Whether as a first indication for a potential project, for continued project support or during development - we are able to produce meaningful functional samples on our laboratory printer for your project. With our team you are prepared for all possible demands and can rely on our comprehensive services at any time. Please do not hesitate to contact us!

Testing Center

Thanks to more than 125 years of experience in the field of industrial coatings, we benefit from a transfer of know-how regarding specifications, requirements and processes from areas including the aviation, automotive and general industry sectors. Our test center is accredited as an independent test laboratory by many of our customers. We are able to perform tests according to all common industrial standards and specifications for you and your specific project. Thus, the perfect solution for every application is within reach. Our experience - your advantage!


Sustainability - probably the word of the last few years! Did you know that our digital inkjet offers several advantages over analog printing? Digital printing technology ensures less waste of resources by eliminating plate, screen and cylinder production as well as special spot color mixing. The reduced number of necessary process steps saves plastic and energy. In addition, the ability to print small quantities eliminates overproduction, reduced inventory and unnecessary waste.


  • Less waste due to the elimination of plate, screen and cylinder production, calibration equipment and spot color mixing
  • Reduction in inventory and overproduction only what is actually needed is printed (no MOQ)
  • Full flexibility regarding the decoration of substrates (e.g. no restrictive labels)
  • Change in decoration between jobs in the shortest possible time
  • Fastest production of 100% reproducible proofs for customers
  • The ability to enter new markets with small batch sizes which would never have been profitable before
  • ...
  • UV inks are often referred to as the premier class of inkjet inks.
  • Some advantages of UV inks include for example:
    • Immediate drying due to UV wavelengths and thus immediate further processability.
    • No VOC emissions
    • Excellent adhesion properties
    • High abrasion and chemical resistance
  • All our inkjet layers, incl. primers & topcoats meet the highest industrial requirements and are available for you from a single source
  • We have a broad network with leading technology partners & are always one step ahead in innovations
  • We offer 100% digital solutions tailormade to your product, production process and quality requirements. Thus you always get exactly what you need
  • Many of our ink sets are 100% LED curable & thus eliminate the need for final curing with mercury vapor lamps
  • We have a state-of-the-art inkjet technical center with trained print technicians, as well as extensive testing facilities and specification expertise in our accredited test lab. On the one hand, these facilities are used for the development of our products. On the other hand also for a first status determination with new customer projects.
  • A highly motivated team accompanies you from the project inquiry to the successful implementation and beyond that supports you professionally
  • With productions on 4 continents, we offer local support wherever you are
  • Basically, there are no limits to the imagination. We carry ink sets for direct printing on all common substrates, such as glass, PP, PET, PC, metal, coil coating, etc. and this again in all conceivable markets with very specific mechanical, chemical and regulatory requirements for the respective end product.
    Please feel free to contact us for an initial discussion in which we will then provide you with an assessment of your exact application.
  • For the successful integration of digital printing into an industrial production process, you need the right combination of solutions available on the market. We work closely with all leading printhead manufacturers and machine builders from the inkjet industry and offer specially adapted UV ink systems for diverse printheads depending on the individual application. If you are still at the beginning and do not know with which partners you want to realize your project with, we will be happy to help you find exactly the right players for your application with the help of our close-knit network.

Multiple fields of application

Digital printing enables individualization in industrial series production. That is why the technology is being used in more and more areas - for both decorative and functional purposes.

Our experience in industrial applications enables us to develop innovative and individual digital printing concepts for our customers. With a comprehensive network of print head manufacturers, machine builders and integrators, we are working on concepts which open up additional opportunities for digital printing, for example in the automotive, aviation, furniture and packaging industries.

Different substrates

Digital printing can be used to print on a wide variety of substrates, which is why this technology is used in a large number of industries. Possible substrates include glass, plastic and metals. Whether crown caps or the garage door at home - with Cyconjet, every substrate becomes something very special.

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