Remarkably well protected

The exterior coating of a train must be able to withstand various weather conditions, high mechanical stresses and contamination while at the same time not losing its color or gloss. In addition, technical specifications and legal requirements must be met. Our coating solutions, specially developed for the rail sector, achieve all this and are therefore used by a large number of leading manufacturers for rail vehicles.

↑ Image © Deutsche Bahn AG / Oliver Lang


Robust and resistant to mechanical and climatic influences


International specifications and legal requirements are met and exceeded


Color shades and gloss levels - precisely matched to the corporate design of the rail operators

ALEXIT® exterior coatings offer you decisive advantages

  • efficient coating process
  • excellent UV resistance
  • particularly high mechanical and chemical strength values
  • wide application spectrum
  • fully compatible system
  • available in solventborne or waterborne formulations

Always original

We produce color solutions that are precisely adapted to the corporate design of the railroad companies. Nuances that do not yet exist are developed and implemented in close cooperation with you. Creating something new together - for optimum coating results.

↖ Image © Stadler Rail AG

Coating solutions for protection against graffiti

  • Topcoat systems with antigraffiti properties
    Pigmented topcoat with dirt-repellent properties for the decorative design of rail vehicles.
  • Antigraffiti-Clearcoat Systems
    Clearcoat with antigraffiti properties for the protection of basecoats with high requirements regarding cleanability. Available in both solventborne and waterborne versions.
  • Permanent coating
    High-solids, high-yield material for maximum graffiti protection.

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