Keeping operations up and running

Coating systems for mechanical and plant engineering must withstand a wide variety of conditions and influences in order to ensure the long-term function of important parts. In essential areas such as production plants, conveyor technology or energy supply, our coating systems protect against chemical and mechanical influences as well as weathering and corrosion to keep operations running.

Reliable protection

Robust surfaces for maximum durability and value retention

Process reliability

Efficient implementation under consideration of relevant specifications

Tailor-made solutions

Precisely tailored to your individual requirements and processes

ALEXIT®-systems offer you decisive advantages

  • compliance with the various specifications
  • excellent corrosion protection
  • easy and fast application, even to complicated parts
  • short delivery times due to globally positioned production and logistics
  • variety of design due to free selection of color, texture and gloss grade
  • optimization of production capacities - also as 1-layer systems, direct-to-metal

Efficient solutions for robotics and energy

In the field of automation and energy supply, Mankiewicz coating systems protect machinery and equipment- ensuring higher safety and longevity. Our innovative coating solutions increase your production capacity and optimize overall costs.

Long-term protection for drives, gears and pumps

In mechanical and plant engineering, the flawless performance of drives and pumps is indispensable. Therefore, the paint systems used must offer particularly reliable protection against external influences. Mankiewicz offers high-performance products that meet a wide range of requirements: Corrosion protection, reduction of process costs, environmentally friendly production, global availability.

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