Highest requirements, robust environment

Whether agricultural machinery, construction machinery, trucks or trailers - commercial vehicles are usually in continuous use under the toughest conditions. Durability and sturdiness are top priorities for these customers. In addition, process reliability and user-friendliness are important factors in the coating process.


Our coatings provide long-lasting protection against corrosion, weathering, mechanical and chemical abrasion


Depending on the coating process, we offer water-based or VOC-optimized solvent-based systems

External appearance

Color stability and gloss retention support confidence in the reliability of utility vehicles

Tailor-made solutions

As different as the areas of application for utility vehicles are, so are the requirements for the protective coating surfaces. That's why we offer tailor-made solutions that take into account your individual process and the required parameters. Short drying times and high yields help optimize your process costs, lead to faster throughput times and increase your efficiency.

Reliable cooperation

We support the implementation of our products with a worldwide network of application engineers. The global setup also applies to our production and logistics to always supply customers on time and with trusted Mankiewicz quality.

Process optimization through 1-coat painting

Over 70 years of experience combined with continuous improvement - the ALEXIT® Monolyer® concept combines primer and topcoat in one quality and was developed especially for the commercial vehicle sector.

ALEXIT® Monolyer® offers the following advantages

  • High cost-effectiveness by reducing process costs
  • Rationalization of the painting process
  • Significant savings in material and disposal costs
  • Drastically reduced solvent emission due to high solids content (VOC-compliant)
  • Robust application, large processing window

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