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Aviation Structure Parts

The fuselage is subjected to aggressive substances (e.g. hydraulic liquids, kerosene and condensation water) for long periods of time. As many areas are not accessible any more during operation and can therefore not be repaired or exchanged, reliable corrosion protection over a long time period (approx. 30 years) is essential. This applies to aluminium, the still most frequently used material, and also to new composites such as glass- and carbon-fibre reinforced plastics.

We have been offering successful corrosion protection for 17 years now (in cooperation with the Airbus Group) and have started pushing the development of water-dilutable paints (containing less chromate) at an early date. Also, paints for structural parts are easy to apply, and are enjoying international success.

The paint product range which was specifically developed for the requirements made on aircraft structural parts offers you decisive advantages:

  • Reliable application
  • Very good resistance to chemicals
  • Optimum corrosion protection
  • Lowest  VOC values
  • Transnational qualification for all Airbus programmes
  • Compliance with other international specifications

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