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Utility Vehicles (ACE)

(ACE= Agriculture Construction Eartmoving)

Construction and agricultural machinery and utility vehicles are all exposed to extreme strain.  The demands which are made on the paintwork call for coating materials with high mechanical and chemical resistance.

The specially developed ALEXIT®-Coating Systems offer you decisive advantages:

  • Excellent colour and gloss stability
  • Fulfilment of the highest mechanical and chemical resistance requirements
  • Economic application

ALEXIT®-Monolyer®: process optimisation due to one-layer coating.

The ALEXIT®-Monolyer® system was developed to combine economic efficiency and premium quality, thus revolutionising all previous paint systems. ALEXIT®-Monolyer® system is primer and topcoat in one.

Mankiewicz ALEXIT®- Monolyer® was specifically developed to meet the demands of the ACE sector and offers you the following advantages:

  • economic efficiency due to reduced processing costs
  • economisation of the application process
  • significant reduction of material and waste disposal costs
  • drastic reduction of solvent emissions due to high solid content (VOC compliance)

Because of the long-term experience and continuous development the quality level of ALEXIT®-Monolyer® is comparable to that of a high-quality two-layer system.

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