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CYCON® UV-Coatings - High efficiency due to innovative processes

UV curing coating systems combine superior product properties with short process times at low capital expenditure requirements. High resistance values are achieved as a result of the CYCON® UV coatings being fully cured within a matter of seconds. At the same time, process sequences can be shortened and energy and investment costs reduced.

UV curing CYCON® Monocure systems offer you following opportunities:

  • Complete elimination of oven drying
  • Curing within seconds, following a short flash-off time at low temperatures
  • Coated components attain their specification-compliant properties, with very good mechanical and chemical resistance values

We are happy to offer you our support with the development of custom-made system concepts. We provide comprehensive advice, from the choice of diverse lamp systems and different curing mechanisms right up to the coating of components, including complicated 3D forms.

If you are interested in learning more about our developments in this sector please contact us.