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Wind Power

Wind power´s increasing importance in the global energy supply made Mankiewicz focus on the development of high-quality paints for the protection of rotor blades.

Resistances against abrasion and erosion caused by weather influences are equally important as long-term flexibility, connection with the laminate and surface aspects.

ALEXIT® paints for the coating of rotor blades are accredited by leading wind power plant manufacturers and have successfully proven their efficiency under practical conditions for more than ten years already.

High-tech paints are used to protect the rotor blade tips and leading edges which are subjected to extreme abrasion in order to increase the maintenance intervals and to prolong the durability.

The Mankiewicz products offer the following advantages:

  • Complete product portfolio for series production of rotor blades (gelcoat, sanding surfacer and topcoat)
  • Specifically developed for the high demands made on rotor blades
  • High-quality protection of areas subjected to abrasion (rotor blade tips and leading edges) by state-of-the-art coating technologies
  • Proven efficiency under practical conditions for more than ten years
  • Certified by independent institutes (e.g. Germanischer Lloyd)

When the rotor blade repair market demanded a durable high-quality product Mankiewicz launched ALEXIT® BladeRep. The product line consists of a "four-piece repair paint system" containing moulding surfacer, wiping filler, leading edge protection and topcoat for the efficient repair of typical wear and tear damages on rotor blade surfaces.

All products of the ALEXIT® BladeRep line are two-component polyurethane-based materials particularly suitable for the long-term protection of objects whose surfaces are subjected to extreme weather influences.

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