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Technical Service

In our technical centres worldwide, all relevant processes for subsequent series production are available for simulation. Safe process chains are established and optimised by means of various different technologies:

  • material supply systems with and without ring pipelines
  • two-component mixing and dosage units
  • application equipment with atomising mechanisms from HVLP to maximum pressure with electrostatic support
  • automated processes: paint robots, spraying automats and flatbed spraying automats
  • drying technologies ranging from convection and infrared to UV and freeze drying

Use of the different technologies combined with our applications engineers´ know-how will help develop the optimum application process.

Acting as your extended workbench we are happy to advise you on the optimisation of an existing or the planning of a new paint unit, taking into account your overall processes. Additionally, we have contacts to the leading paint unit manufacturers; our knowledge of the current status of paint unit technology may be very helpful for you.

We act as advisor during your start of series production worldwide to make sure it will be a success. Additionally, we offer your painters training courses which include comprehensive product and process related knowledge transfer. Please let us know your requests.

If you are interested in learning more about our applications engineering service please contact us.