At Mankiewicz, the motto has always been: don't waste time talking, just do it!

True to this motto, the topic of testing was directly implemented in the company. In April 2021, our test center in Hall 16 opened its doors and is now available three days a week to Mankiewicz employees and all companies located here at the site.

Appointments can be conveniently booked using a QR code on a smartphone or via the company website. And in case you forget to do so or are somehow unsure, you can also get tested without an appointment.

So far, well over 4,000 tests have been carried out - and we're continuing.

The procedure is very simple. When registering, each employee receives a sleeve with an individual number and is accompanied to his or her test booth. Here, the test can then be performed independently. However, if there are any questions or uncertainties, our test assistants are always available to offer advice and assistance. We have a spit test in use, so there is no need for a potentially uncomfortable nasal or throat swab.

If it was indicated at the time of registration that a test certificate is desired, this will be issued afterwards and can be collected from the COVID test center approx. 1 hour after the test.

The initial nervousness has subsided and the processes are well established.

Ms. Daniela J., who has currently taken on the task of Test Representative, reports: "The processes have settled in amazingly quickly. If, at the very beginning, we had still wanted an additional "flight attendant" to clarify the one-way principle in the test center in addition to the signs and arrows on the floor, this has now become routine. Now employees know that there is a separate entrance and exit, and almost no one runs against the flow anymore.  

Dealing with the tests has also quickly become routine. In the meantime, the employees wait for the test cassette to be activated and can thus get a new one directly if the first one simply doesn't want to. The "knocking" on the cassettes has also worked well, so we now have very few invalid tests. We hope that the offer will continue to be well used and that in the near future we will be able to welcome one or two employees who have not yet dared to do so."   

We would also like to take this opportunity to thank our external test helpers who are always on hand.

Now the vaccination center is also located in hall 16

What we are now particularly pleased about: From 11.06.2021, vaccination will then also take place in the separate vaccination center on the premises of the COVID test center. Everyone who has registered bindingly will be assigned an appointment as soon as possible and can then go to the appointment in COVID test/vaccination hall with the required documents.

Documents required for vaccination will then be checked at the test certificate issuing point before proceeding to the vaccination area for registration.

Here, a separate medical team will then take care of the vaccination. The team will be assisted by one of our well-known test assistants.

Let's keep up the good work and continue to take care of ourselves and others. Then we will soon be able to celebrate together again.

"It was already clear to me that I wanted to be vaccinated. The fact that it now went so quickly and straightforwardly thanks to the company makes me even happier. I would like to thank everyone who made this possible and say a big thank you to the dedicated vaccination team on site." - Jan M. (Production)