My goal for the semester abroad in Spain: To improve my language skills and develop my intercultural competencies. I chose the Universidad de Almería (UAL) because of the diverse range of courses offered and took business-related modules such as "Introduction to Management" and "Direction and Management Skills". At the university, in addition to the lectures, practical application is also emphasized and we trained a lot in international working groups.

The semester abroad has brought me unimagined added value, which is expressed in particular by increased self-confidence, even more independence and a confident handling of unplanned situations. The town of Almería is known not least for its sunny weather and huge fruit and vegetable plantations. There I learned to appreciate the Spanish mentality, as well as the tapas culture that is so widespread in southern Spain - a somewhat different and very tasty look beyond the plate.

I can only recommend everyone to take such an adventure and I am more than grateful for the support of Mankiewicz as my partner company. I am now applying my experiences from the semester abroad to my dual studies in industrial engineering at the Nordakademie as well as at Mankiewicz in Hamburg.

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